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The Death Of The American Dream - 1977 Words

Michael Talanker Ms. Casperson AP English III 28 January 2015 The Death of the American Dream in the 1920s and the Narrative of The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald named the boisterous era known as the Roaring Twenties the â€Å"Jazz Age,† a name fitting for the cultural upheaval that occurred during the decade. The 1920s were referred to as so because of the dramatic change that took place in the United States during the decade, so dramatic that it was internationally recognized as a turbulent period in the United States by other countries. The United States’ interest was heavily responsible for funding the European nations during the First World War and reparations (â€Å"World War I†), and as the European countries climbed back, so did the United States, emerging as a world power, and starting one of the most celebratory periods in American history. The Roaring Twenties was effectively a proverbial renaissance exclusively for the United States, however F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby portrays it as a period of hubris, avarice, and deteriorating morals. It follows the story of Jay Gatsby, a newly wealthy resident of New York City who has achieved his fortune by entering the bootlegging business and essentially strives to achieve what he believes is the American Dream in what seems to be a novel particularly about his crusade for the aristocrat Daisy Buchanan. However, at the end of the novel, Gatsby is abruptly struck down and dies virtually alone. The reality andShow MoreRelatedDeath Of The American Dream Essay1387 Words   |  6 PagesDeath of the American Dream. The promise that the American dream will bring happiness is a delusion, which many people have become victims to from being inspired by the propaganda and the false hope which it creates. The four texts, The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann Fight Club written by Chuck Palahniuk, American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes and Revolutionary Road, directed by Sam Mendes give proof to this claim as they illustrate the reality of the dream which is that it is the end ofRead MoreAmerican Dream - Death of a Salesman1005 Words   |  5 PagesThe play Death of a Salesman greatly portrays a specific ideology in regards to values, dreams, goals, and success in our consumer-driven society. It helps showcase the American dream that society tends to strive for even in the early 1900’s (the play is set in the 1940’s). That dream of being a successful business person or vendor. As well as the theory that image and physical attributes are most important to gaining fruition. Willy Loma n plays a man in his sixties who has strived for this AmericanRead MoreDeath Of A Salesman And The American Dream Essay2203 Words   |  9 Pagescoming together created the illusion of The American Dream. Back then; the American dream was equated with freedom and material prosperity, two concepts that ring true today. The definition of the American dream changes as society in the United States changes, and the connotation and reality of the American Dream is disheartening. Two literary compositions give a realistic outlook on what the American Dream really is. In Death of a Salesman and The American Dream, Arthur Miller and Edward Albee masterfullyRead MoreOf Mice and Men: The Death of the American Dream1178 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 10 The Death of the American Dream The American Dream has always been one of the most prominent ideals in American society. Of Mice and Men was written by Steinbeck in 1937. It focuses on the lives of two men, Lennie and George, as they try to fulfill their own American Dream of owning a small farm. While this seems like an attainable dream in the beginning, Steinbeck chooses instead to destroy this dream utterly with the death of Lennie. Curley’s wife had an American Dream of being an actressRead MoreThe American Dream as It Relates to Death of a Salesman1185 Words   |  5 PagesThe American Dream as it Relates to Death of a Salesman The theme of the American Dream is extremely prevalent in Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman. It is so prevalent that there are literally hundreds of different to ways to analyze how the theme is used in the play. One interesting perspective is that the different characters in the play represent different versions of the American Dream. Biff represents the 19th century version of the American Dream, Happy represents the 20th century versionRead MoreThe American Dream and Death of a Salesman Essay937 Words   |  4 PagesThe American Dream is one of the most sought-after things in the United States, even though it is rarely, if ever, achieved. According to historian Matthew Warshauer, the vision of the American Dream has changed dramatically over time. In his 2003 essay â€Å"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Changing Conceptions of the American Dream†, Warshauer claims that the American Dream had gone from becoming wealthy by working hard and earning money, to getting rich qu ickly and easily. He attributes this change toRead MoreDeath Of A Salesman American Dream Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesWilly Loman, Arthur MIller s tragic protagonist of Death in a salesman, stated, â€Å"Nothing’s planted. I don’t have a thing in the ground†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (MIller 122) Lowman, expresses his perception on his succession by planting flowers into the ground. Believing nothing he accomplished was nearly suitable to feel satisfaction. This is exactly, the â€Å"American dream†: a fantasy for some, and a standard of success easily pursued by others; a belief that through the virtues of hard work, ingenuity and fortune, oneRead MoreEssay about Death of the American Dream1042 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Death of the American Dream Flashback to the stigma of anti-Communism in the 1950s, communism places extreme emphasis on class divisions, specifically the unfair nature of the upper class’ domination of the working class. To admit class divisions was to invite revolution and socialism. So instead, we told ourselves that, in this country, class did not exist; that a free-market capitalist society permits anyone who wants to improve his socioeconomic status to do so. In his essay Class in America:Read MoreThe American Dream in Death of a Salesman Essay1566 Words   |  7 Pages The American Dream is based on the Declaration of Independence ´: We believe that all men are born with these inalienable rights - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ´ (Thomas Jefferson, 1776). This dream ´ consists of a genuine and determined belief that in America, all things are possible to all men, regardless of birth or wealth; you work hard enough you will achieve anything. However, Miller says people have been ultimately misguided ´. The originsRead MoreAnalysis Of The American Dream In The Death Of A Salesman1917 Words   |  8 PagesAmerican writer, James Truslow Adams defined the â€Å"American Dream† as the â€Å"dream of a land in which life should be better and richer, and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement† (Clark). Many mistakenly associate the American Dream’s success with materialistic wealth, such as the Kardashian’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s,   the success of the American dream to be associated with materialistic wealth, but Adams refers to it as a better lifestyle. Even though the United

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Reducing The Federal Minimum Wage - 2047 Words

The topic of increasing in the federal minimum wage has been hotly debated in Congress and between politicians and activists since the most recent increase to $7.25 in 2009. The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 proposed a $10.10 federal minimum wage increase but failed in Congress, while a more recent proposition, the 2016 Raise The Wage Act, hopes to put wages at $12 per hour by the year 2020 (14). Propositions like these seek to allow lower-income working families to earn a living wage but they have faced resistance by conservatives. Stagnation of wages has caused various cities and states to spearhead minimum wage increases at a local level, with twenty-nine states now having wages higher than the federal minimum (13). Raising the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour would correct for years of deteriorating wage values and would pull hard-working families out of poverty while lessoning income inequality and boosting the economy from the bottom up with minimal costs to businesses. The current federal minimum wage is too low to allow people to earn a living wage and has failed to keep up with increases in inflation, productivity and economic growth in recent years. Wages have been fixed at $7.25 an hour since 2009, resulting in a 40 hour work week that allows one to earn only $15,000 a year, an amount that lies just barely above the poverty line (13). If the worker is responsible for children and works full-time to earn this amount, they drop below the poverty line. These lowShow MoreRelatedFederal Minimum Wage Should Be Raised877 Words   |  4 PagesRecently, the call to raise the Federal minimum wage has gotten stronger. Some states have taken the initiative recently to raise their state minimum wage above the federal guidelines. Currently someone who makes $7.25 an hour working full time under the Federal minimum wage earns $15,080 annually before any taxes are taken out. Critics of the proposal to increase federal minimum wage believe that increased labor c osts force businesses to cut jobs to make up for the decrease in profit (Mejeur).Read MoreMinimum Wage And Fight Income Equality On Numerous Occasions1470 Words   |  6 PagesPresident Obama has expressed his desire to raise the minimum wage and fight income equality on numerous occasions. On January 20, 2015, president Obama made the following statement in his State of the Union Address: Of course, nothing helps families make ends meet like higher wages†¦and to everyone in this Congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this: if you truly believe you could work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, go try it. If not, vote to giveRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of The Minimum Wage1282 Words   |  6 PagesMinimum Wage Should the government raise minimum wage? Should the government lower or keep the current minimum wage? Minimum wage is a very controversial topic when it is discussed between all parties. For those arguing for minimum wage increase believe that it will bring people living below the poverty line above it. Former President Obama stated, â€Å" no one working forty hours deserves to be living in poverty.† For those arguing against the raise on minimum wage believe that it has more negativeRead MoreMinimum Wage1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe standard minimum wage level has been a controversy over its insufficient wages set for working class Americans. The minimum wage was established to protect unskilled workers from being exploited by employers’ low pay. Introducing the minimum wage provided stabilization in the workplace, but as the cost of living increases, working Americans are demanding a livable wage. In the recent past, the American dream fadedness changed the w ay Americans view the economy. For many wageworkers, the AmericanRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage1037 Words   |  5 PagesRaising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 is not a good idea. The unintended consequences that would come about as a result is reason enough to shy away from such a proposal. Those who support an increase contend that it will alleviate poverty. Suppose these advocates are right and a spike in the minimum wage does reduce poverty for some fortunate workers. This positive development will be offset because an increase in the minimum wage will further price out inexperienced workers from the jobRead MoreMinimum Wage Laws For The United States Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesThe minimum wage is the mandated price floor paid on hourly or daily basis for the employees regulated by the government or the union. In â€Å"Federal Minimum Wage†, New Zealand and Australia enacted the first minimum wage law during the late 19th century to prevent employersâ€⠄¢ exploitation of workers. In 1912, Massachusetts passed the first minimum wage legislation in the US that was enforced for women and children, and fifteen more states followed in the next eleven years. However, the Supreme CourtRead MoreMinimum Wage Does Not Impact The Poverty Rate600 Words   |  3 PagesMinimum Wage Does Not Impact The Poverty Rate The Working Poor Gain Little Other than Protection In the 1930’s, during his second term as president, Franklin Roosevelt fought for and constructed many versions of legislation to end the exploitation of women and children. Finally on October 24, 1938 the Fair Labor Standards Act became effective. The Act limited the hired workers to be no less than sixteen, the work week to no more than forty hours and the minimum wage to be twenty-five cents anRead MoreEssay on The Debate over Raising the Minimum Wage1502 Words   |  7 PagesThe federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour by Congress in 2009, something that has been carried out only a handful of times since the establishment of the wage in the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. Even with this modest rise in income, the minimum wage today does not provide for a decent standard of living. It has failed to keep pace with the wage growth of an average American worker. The minimum wage was intended provide a minimum standard of living; to aid in alleviating povertyRea d More The Negative Effects of Raising the Minimum Wage Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesIf we took away the minimum wage, we could wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at every possible skill level. -- Michele Bachmann Proponents of raising the minimum wage claim that if the minimum wage was raised, then many economic and social problems would be alleviated. This contention is at odds both with economic principles and years of creditable research. The effect of raising or even having a minimum wage has been studied extensively and theRead MoreThe Effects Of Raising The Minimum Wage1311 Words   |  6 PagesThe Negative Impacts of Raising the Minimum Wage While the debate over the effects of raising the minimum wage continues, there are countless studies and statistical data to support both sides of this controversy. Often the negative impacts of these wage increases are overshadowed by those who want to help the working class who live at or below the poverty level. Do these increases actually help the ones that they were intended to help? What are the negative impacts on the rest of the working class

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Inclusive Education For Children With Disabilities

Abstract Inclusive education is where children with disabilities receive special education services in the general education setting. Many factors can make inclusion difficult or complex. Accommodating instruction to meet the educational needs of all students is one of the most fundamental problems in education. Many argue that inclusive practices benefit all students. While others argue that inclusive education is inadequately designed to meet the needs of exceptional students. Benefits of inclusive education have long been debated. This paper will review the issues of inclusive education. Introduction Inclusive education is where children with disabilities are placed in general education setting, to the maximum extent possible. In an inclusive classroom the services, supports and accommodations a student needs are brought to the classroom rather than moving the student to a separate location. The Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) component under IDEA requires that districts provide students with disabilities appropriate access to general education. Students have the right to have access to the general education curriculum along with being provided the necessary services/accommodations that help them meet their needs. This is a key motivator for educators to push for inclusion. Inclusive education instills clear, consistent and rigorous standards for all students, promoting motivation and engagement for all. Instilling higher standards for all students will helpShow MoreRelatedInclusive Education for Children with Disabilities Essay1628 Words   |  7 Pagesright to have access to education is a concern for people with disabilities. They were treated poorly and often desegregated from society. The response to the concerns of parents and educators over the exclusion of children with disabilities created the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The public law â€Å"guaranteed a free, appropriate public education to each child with a disability in every state and locality across the country†. In the 1970s children with disabilities entered schools andRead MoreImplementing Inclusive Education For Children With Disabilities Essay1802 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Studies and educational experiences focusing on inclusive education have shown the importance of school curriculum in promoting and applying inclusive education for children with disabilities. As inclusive education has become more prevalent, the curriculum perspective has gained greater attention among educators and researchers (Avissar, 2012) but there are limitations on the current analysis on inclusive education in general (Ozlem Savagea, 2012). The underlying process of inclusionRead MoreInclusive Education For Children With Disabilities And Special Educational Needs2478 Words   |  10 PagesInclusive Education Introduction From many years, the topic of inclusive education has become a center of debates and discussions related to the educational practice and policy development around the globe (Farrell and Ainscow, 2002). Presently, the Education of youngsters and children with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) is a well-recognized primary objective of policies in several countries (Lindsay, 2007). The policy and legislative trends from previous three to four decades haveRead MoreImproving Student Participation Is A Matter Of Importance1543 Words   |  7 Pagesin terms of ability, ethnicity and learning needs. Ensuring student participation is a matter of importance, since children are at times deprived of equal right to use inclusive education from early childhood through to adulthood. Inclusive education means eliminating the distinction between special and regular education and giving equal opportunities despite their level of disability. It implies that providing educational facilit ies to students with additional educational needs which are used byRead MoreEffective Methods For Accommodating Students With Disabilities Essay1479 Words   |  6 Pagesaccommodating students’ with disabilities in inclusive settings in elementary schools? Preface The right to equal education should be in reach of all students’ regardless of their educational needs and backgrounds. The barriers that students’ with disabilities face are evident in today’s public school education. We as educators sometimes ignore the capabilities of some of our disabled students’ and impede them from achieving their fullest potential. Inclusive education implementation has helped improveRead More1.6 Justification Of The Study. The Exclusion Of Pwds By1223 Words   |  5 Pagesimproved. Children with disability in Kenya are often consigned to â€Å"special schools† which, though well intended to provide responsive learning environments, actually perpetuate segregation from other children. The inclusive education movement proposes that all schools should be equipped to accommodate PWDs. This study is therefore informed by the conviction that it is possible to design spaces that are inclusive and which will then limit the current segregation of children with disabilities. PastRead MoreEducational Policies For Inclusive Education1701 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"There is a direct correlation between the strength of inclusive education in schools and the values held by its leaders† (Porter AuCoin, 2012, p.146). The issue of inclusion is education is one that is surrounded by different ideological perspectives. In order to examine the policies surrounding inclusive education in Canada it is first necessary to understand the specific question at hand, who will be affected by the policy issue, as well as who has the power to make changes to this policyRead MoreInclusion, The Educational Practice Of Children With Disabilities1728 Words   |  7 PagesInclusion, the educational practice of instructing children with disabilities as well as children without disabilities in one classroom, is a very controversial topic regarding the education of students in today’s society. â€Å"Inclusion seeks to establish collaborative, supportive, and nurturing communities of learners that are based on giving all students the services and accommodations they need to learn, as well as respecting and learning from each other’s individual differences† (Salend 5). TheRead MoreCommunity Partici pation And Social Inclusion1493 Words   |  6 Pageson the participation of many disadvantaged groups, such as people with disability. Studies from the General Social Survey indicate that on average, people with disability are 15% less likely to participate in sport than the overall population. It strongly suggests the type of disability and support needs are important considerations in the participation and non-participation forms of people with disability. Inclusive education is about recognising impairment as one of many forms of human diversityRead MoreThe Inclusion Act Of Students With Mild Or Severe Disabilities Essay1633 Words   |  7 PagesDo you think that students with mild or severe disabilities can be successful if they are in a general education classroom all the time? This paper is the summary of research done about the inclusion act. The inclusion act is that students with disabilities are in classes with their general education peers. There are many views on the positive and negative results of inclusion. This paper covers the view points of the research, the parent’s view, the student’s view, and the teacher’s view. An article

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Data Analysis Data And Business Processes - 1229 Words

The era that we live in, in the year 2015 is considered the â€Å"big data† era. Industries all over the world are analyzing data and determining marketing and business processes to attract consumers. Data analysis which started off on a much smaller scale today can be used in much broader aspects from coupons you receive in your email, to advertisements you see when you use applications on your smart phone data also can be used to determine the frequent of a customer to a particular store or website. These are both processes of data analytics being used and conveyed in a way to attract customers or satisfy consumer needs. Data analysis focuses on finding the specific data to answer your question, understanding the processes underlying the data, discovering the important patterns in the data, and then communicating your results to gain optimal results. Data is not a new concept in any form, the technology of today’s world makes obtaining and analyzing data easier. The recent decades have seen a fundamental change in the model of data analysis. IMB Tech Trends Report (2011) identified business analytics as one of the four major technology trends in the 2010s. According to Chen (2012) Business intelligence began its practice in business and IT communities just a few decades ago in the 1990s. In the 2000s business analytics was introduced to represent the key analytical components in business intelligence. The business intelligence and data analytics previously adopted in anShow MoreRelatedA Business Process Explorer : Recovering And Visualizing E Commerce Business Processes1001 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"A Business Process Explorer: Recovering and Visualizing E-Commerce Business Processes† is a research paper developed by the author: Jin Guo, King Chun Foo, Liliane Barbour, and Ying Zou. The focus of this paper is a business process and how it affects e-commerce systems. Business process can be defined as an assortment of linked, designe d actions or responsibilities that are linked together by control flow foundations. E-commerce uses business processes to systematize the day-to-day work flow ofRead MoreBusiness Intelligence Is The Gathering And Analysis Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Intelligence Business Intelligence is the gathering and analysis of large amounts of information so as to gain insights that propagate strategic and tactical business decisions. Business Intelligence is the conglomeration of the processes and technologies which change data into information. It encompasses a wide category of technologies, including data warehousing, multidimensional analysis or online analytical processing, data mining and visualization, as well as basic queries and multipleRead MoreBusiness Performance Management Assessment Tools1160 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness performance management is a set of management and analytic processes that enable the management of an organisation s performance to achieve one or more pre-selected goals. Synonyms for business performance management include corporate performance management and enterprise performance management.[1][2] Business performance management is contained within approaches to business process management.[3] Business performance management has three main activities: 1. selection of goalsRead MoreDesigning A Model Using Structured Analysis Techniques1401 Words   |  6 Pagesof the business and what must be required of the new system. The next step in designing and implementing the new system is determining the processes that will be applied to the data and graphically representing them in a model using structured analysis techniques. Process models are used to identify and document the portion of system requirements that relates to data. Processes are the logical rules that are applied to transform the data into meaningful information. During this phase, data flow diagramsRead MoreBusiness Intelligence Is The Gathering And Analysis1229 Words   |  5 Pages Business Intelligence Business Intelligence is the gathering and analysis of large amounts of information so as to gain insights that propagate strategic and tactical business decisions. Business Intelligence is the conglomeration of the processes and technologies which change data into information. It encompasses a wide category of technologies, including data warehousing, multidimensional analysis or online analytical processing, data mining and visualization, as wellRead MoreProcess Modeling, Er Diagram and Logical Data Modeling969 Words   |  4 Pagesdiagram and Logical Data Modeling Authors Yogini Wagh Process Modeling Process modeling is the concise description of the total variation in one quantity, by partitioning it into a deterministic component given by a mathematical function of one or more other quantities, plus a random component that follows a particular probability distribution. Software process modeling and business process modeling are the techniques for obtaining a better understanding of business processes. In other termsRead MoreIntroduction. Predictive Analytics Is Quantitative Analysis1371 Words   |  6 PagesAnalytics is quantitative analysis to support predictions. Predictions of for example - product sales, costs, headcount, metrics; customer churn; credit scoring; cross sell / up sell opportunities; market campaign response; anomalies, fraud. SAP Predictive Analytics is business intelligence software from SAP that is designed to enable organizations to analyze large data sets and predict future outcomes and behaviors. For example, SAP Predictive Analytics can help make sense of big data and the Internet ofRead MoreCanadian Tires1543 Words   |  7 Pagesaddress them? Business Intelligence (BI) is the consolidation and analysis of internal data and / or external data for the purpose of effective decision-making. At the core of all BI initiatives is a data warehouse to hold the data and analytics software. The data warehouse stores data from operational systems in the organization and restructures it to enable queries and models to extract decision support reports. The primary objective of BI was to support and enable business and IT strategiesRead MoreThe Availability Of New Information Management And Supporting System Like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, And1176 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation management and supporting system like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and/or Big Data has produced a remarkable moment in the history of data analysis. Researching on this topic is very interesting for me. Thank Professor Kraft that gives me opportunity to explore more on these topics. Taking this opportunity, I would like to provide a brief summary of the book that discuss about the Profitable Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics. The book publishedRead MoreWhat And How Social Data1347 Words   |  6 PagesWhat and how to analyze social data Sentiment Analysis (Opinion Mining). It is used to understand the emotion conveyed in a textual message. It involves identifying the opinion, extracting the features or objects for which the opinion is expressed and then categorizing the opinion as a positive, negative or neutral and thus assigning it a polarity (Liu 2010). The growth in social media provides a wider platform which has allowed for an abundance in the expression of opinions, including product reviews

Family Is The Most Important Of Socialization - 1000 Words

A study on the Family Tabatha Hall-Politte South University Week 3 Assignment 2 From infancy to childhood, teenage a person spends the learning phases of their life with their family. So the family becomes the most important of socialization. This paper discusses why family is the most important of socialization. It reflects on the changes in the American family and the reason for the changes. It identifies the differences in marriage and family life that are linked to class, race, gender, and personal choice and also discussed about the trend. Noticed that the children take after their parents not only in appearance but also in other aspects of life. From birth to many years, the adults with whom the children are in most contact are the parents. The parents bonding in the formative years of their children lives, makes their teachings, messages and communication have a lifelong impact of their decision making (Teachman, 2000). Socialization are embrace several sources of socialization. Socialization provides children with information that is essential for the child to be able to function in society. Family is the most important socialization of children lives, for example family, peers, neighborhoods, workplace, and media all play a role in children lives. Family provides person with nature, care and love. Family is the reason for which a person turns out to be good or not, as they are the most important part in the socializationShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Why Family Is the Most Important Agent Socialization1384 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding why Family is the most Important Agent Socialization Lonzie Logan Jr Sociology in a Global Perspective | SOC110 A01 Argosy University Online Prof. Carolyn  Paul January 16, 2012 Understanding why Family is the most important Agent Socialization Erik Homburger Erikson (1902-1994), a brilliant Germen-born American Psychoanalyst once said that â€Å"It is human to have a long childhood; it is civilized to have an even longer childhood. Long childhood makes a technical and mentalRead Moreâ€Å"What Are the Most Important Agents of Socialization and How Are They Being Accounted for in Children Lives1423 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION AND HOW ARE THEY BEING ACCOUNTED FOR IN CHILDREN LIVES† Parents are important agents of socialization but they are not the only source of socialization when it comes to kids. In my paper I will be discussing the important factors of socialization and what we perceive to be a turning point in our children lives. Believe it or not but parents, family, educational institutions, and media are socializing agents who carry out the process of socializationRead Moreculture and socialization Essay1533 Words   |  7 Pages Socialization can be defined as the process by which people learn to become members of a society (Tepperman Curtis, 2011, p.58). Thus, the socialization process of an individual starts from birth and continues throughout life. The period of socialization helps an individual to develop feelings, perceptions, learn the basics of social interaction and also learn to recognize and respond socially to parents and other important people in their lives (Tepperman Curtis, 2011, p.58). AccordingRead MoreEssay on Socialization843 Words   |  4 PagesSocialization Socialization is the process by which culture is learned; also called enculturation. During socialization individuals internalize a cultures social controls, along with values and norms about right and wrong. Socialization is a complex process that involves many individuals, groups, and social institutions. AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION There are four main agents of socialization family, school, peer groups (friends and collogues), and mass media. The family is the singleRead MoreSociology and Socialization Essay891 Words   |  4 Pages The term socialization can be defined as the process in which individuals learn the behavioral patterns that are most likely accepted and tolerated in society. This process includes the learning values in which children are taught and they develop the social values of their parents or guardians just by observing them. Socialization occurs from the birth of the individual and continues throughout their life. Socialization is classifiedRead MoreAgents of Socialization Essay 21461 Words   |  6 PagesAgents of Socialization: An agent of socialization is an individual or institution tasked with the replication of the Social Order. An agent of socialization is responsible for transferring the rules, expectations, norms, values, and folkways of a given social order. In advanced capitalist society, the principle agents of socialization include the family, the media, the school system, religious and spiritual institutions, and peer groups. Specific sites or groups carry out socialization. We callRead MoreEffects Of Socialization1676 Words   |  7 PagesSocialization is defined as the â€Å"process by which individuals acquire thoughts, feelings, and behaviors â€Å"appropriate† to their positions in society,† (Rohall 149). Individuals experience socialization beginning the day they are born, and throughout most of their lives. It can occur through everyday observation and interaction at every stage of development, or it can occur more formally though education and mentors. Socialization is important to how individuals interact in society and it also playsRead MoreWhat are Agents of Socialization?1413 Words   |  6 PagesSocialization is a lifelong learning process essential for our development as human beings. Through socialization we acquire a sense of self as well as emotions. Socialization is an essential factor in shaping our behavior. Without socialization, people wouldnt be able to learn the la nguage, symbols, values, and norms of the society their live in. They also wouldnt be able to find their place in society. Significant individuals and groups that have an impact on a persons socialization are referredRead MoreImpact of School Socialization Institution Essay611 Words   |  3 PagesImpact of School Socialization Institution Socialization is the complex process by which individuals learn skills, attitudes, values, and patterns of behaviour that enable them to function within a particular culture. (Hukamdad, Shahzad , Ali, Qadeer, Ansia, 2011). According to Hukamdad et al, (2011) Socialization enables members of a society to interact with one another and so pass on skills, values, beliefs, knowledge, and modes of behavior pertaining to that society. The Websters II NewRead MoreRetrospective Paper729 Words   |  3 PagesSocialization is a learning process that begins after birth. People act in accordance to the feedback and reactions they get from others. We learn who we are by family, friends, and the people around us. Socialization is an important process of our personality, language and behavior. It is not always a conscious or an intentional transference, and people are not always aware that they might be influencing someone in a social situation. The very structure of authority and the responsibility of

Rhetorical Fallacy Essay free essay sample

Throughout my life, I have been entertained and persuaded by the world of advertisements. But like Plato’s â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, the images painted by these ads are either tainted do to the sneaky incorporation of fallacies. These fallacies may act in different forms; some of them are almost insidiously trying to persuade you while others, have an odd and blatant approach. The commercials are for the Axe Apollo deodorant spray, Gamefly video game rental service, and the Mercedes-Benz automobile company; they all contain different fallacies that attempt to persuade you in different ways. These examples will show you how fallacies, though coming with different approaches, have the same purpose – getting you to buy their product. The Axe Apollo is one of the commercials that portrayed its fallacy, Hasty Generalization, in an obvious manner. (1) In the ad, a fireman runs up a burning building and rescues a damsel in distress in the most epic and valiant of ways. Outside as the fireman puts his fire protective cloak on the woman; they began to have an emotional moment. The woman then glances over her hero’s soldier to find an approaching astronaut. Love-struck, she shrugs off the fireproof jacket and runs into the arms of the astronaut, leaving the fireman heart broken in all his fruitless perfection. In bold letters, a caption states â€Å"Nothing beats an Astronaut – Ever.† The target audiences of this commercial are males: mainly adults and teenagers included. This can be inferred by how the caption seems to be giving advice to boys trying to smell appealing for the ladies. Also, young children who have not yet hit puberty will find little need of the deodorant. This fallacy was probably not unintentional because of the hastily generalized statement with the purpose of amusement. It uses emotional appeal or pathos to persuade the audience, giving the clip a humorous essence and causing them to remember and maybe prefer the product the next time the see it at a drug store or supermarket. The fallacy in this advertisement was both visual  and written. Hasty Generalization was the most apparent fallacy mainly because it didn’t prove that an astronaut is the more appealing profession, and you can’t assume that all astronauts will always win the heart of every woman in the world – which is what the caption at the end of the video basically stated. I think in the most important respects this fallacy was effective, but in other areas it greatly lacked strength. Mainly what the creators of this commercial were trying to achieve was for you to remember their product so you would draw attention to it when you happen to see it at a store. From there, they hope your curiosity will convince you. But in the task of actually persuading you that an astronaut is more appealing than any other profession, they have failed miserably because their fallacy can be so evidently seen. This advertisement is not ethical because the purpose of this fallacy do not justify the ends: the motive of this fallacy was for selfish gain and falsely trying to persuade its audience for that cause is not right. The Gamefly commercial is not as obvious as the Axe Apollo commercial probably because it has only one mode to communicate to you with – visual. Like the Axe Apollo commercial, Gamefly uses ethos or appeal to authority. (2) In the advertisement, we have Blake Griffin in formal attire sitting comfortably on a desk. He comically turns to the audience acting surprised to see them. He then rambles on about his opinions on what is â€Å"awesome† and what is not. Griffin remarks that Gamefly is â€Å"awesome† and begins to inform the viewers of all its good features. Although the product which he is trying to promote maybe contain a good deal, Blake Griffin is not an expert in the field of buying and renting video games. Therefore he cannot be trusted to be a reference for the commercial on what is the more appropriate way to obtain your video games. The audience of this commercial is for anyone who likes to play video games: which would most likely be children and some teenagers. It is clear the fallacy was intentional. This fallacy is effective because most people know who Blake Griffin is and the main purpose of the commercial is to get their great deal across. So why not use Blake Griffin to attract the attention of your audience and feed them the information that you need to get across in a captivating and comical way. Though this use of a fallacy is expedient, that doesn’t mean it is morally  right. The use of this fallacy is unethical because it is not only for selfish profit, but it in some cases it could come between the buyer and his goals; this distraction may lead to his failure in either a class or job. Gamefly has not stated any plans to donate the money, so we can only assume the purpose of this commercial is to persuade you to buy their product. For some people, it can take a while of contemplating to find the fallacy in this Mercedes – Benz commercial. The fallacy in this ad is written and visual. (3) The advertisement starts out with Raymond, who has never in his life tasted ice cream. He tells himself time after time that he will one day taste the dessert, but for some odd reason he never takes the plunge for fear of not being ready. At the end of the commercial, a Mercedes-Benz car is being previewed with a caption that says, â€Å"Don’t spend your whole life waiting – Mercedes-Benz, you’re ready.† The target audience of this commercial is adults. Because children are in most cases not able to afford or drive a car, there is not much reason to try to persuade them. The fallacy in this commercial is the False Analogy fallacy. This is so because comparing the purchase of Ice cream to a luxury car is extremely disproportionate. Though the two may seem similar, it doesn’t compare the scenarios in the most important respects. A tub of ice-cream can amount to as much as $7, but the price for the average Mercedes-Benz is somewhere around $70,000; the price of the ice-cream is .0001% of the car. The difference in price range clearly shows the revision needed in this insufficient analogy. This fallacy was most likely not intentional because there is nothing to gain, and if the producers of this commercial had seen this error, they probably would have changed the analogy in fear of losing their credibility. The commercial attempts to use logos, or a practical approach to persuade you, but the logic of this proposal is tainted by the fallacy. This fallacy is not effective; since the main audience of this commercial is adults, it will take a lot more reasoning and explanation to convince him/her to buy a luxury car just out of fear of making the same mistake Raymond had made. The False Analogy in this commercial is unethical because the ends do not justify the means. The purpose of the commercial is for selfish gain, regardless if they were aware of the fallacy or not. Compared to the other advertisements, this one probably was the least  effective in getting you to purchase their product. Similarly in Plato’s â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, these fallacies were designed to either distort, justify, or promote a message. The Hasty Generalization fallacy in the Axe Apollo commercial was the most obvious of the three; Gamefly’s False Authority and Mercedes-Benz’s False Analogy both required you to look a little more closely. These different commercials had different target audiences, and they probably chose their type of fallacy depending on the type of audience they had. For the most part, most fallacies are similar to these three in the fact that they are ethically immoral because of their selfish means. The different fallacies contained in these commercials attempted to persuade you to buy their product, and some of these fallacies were effective while others weren’t. This goes to show you how fallacies work with different approaches but with the same purpose – getting you to buy their product. Citation Page: (1) AXE. â€Å"AXE Apollo Fireman Ad.† Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 9 January 2013. Web. 11 October 2013. (2) BlakeGriffinChannel. â€Å"GameFly Commercial Be Amazing Featuring Blake Griffin!† Online video clip. YouTube. Youtube, 4 December 2012. Web. 11 October 2013 (3) UniqueGurl01. â€Å"Material Fallacies False Analogy.† Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 5 August 2010. Web. 11 October 2013.

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Economic Growth Nigeria free essay sample

Nigeria’s economic aspirations have remained that of altering the structure of production and consumption patterns, diversifying the economic base and reducing dependence on oil, with the aim of putting the economy on a part of sustainable, all-inclusive and non-inflationary growth. The implication of this is that while rapid growth in output, as measured by the real gross domestic product (GDP), is important, the transformation of the various sectors of the economy is even more critical. This is consistent with the growth aspirations of most developing countries, as the structure of the economy is expected to change as growth progresses. Successive governments in Nigeria have since independence in 1960, pursued the goal of structural changes without much success. The growth dynamics have been propelled by the existence and exploitation of natural resources and primary products. Initially, the agricultural sector, driven by the demand for food and cash crops production was at the centre of the growth process, contributing 54. We will write a custom essay sample on Economic Growth Nigeria or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 7 per cent to the GDP during the 1960s. The second decade of independence saw the emergence of the oil industry as the main driver of growth. Since then, the economy has mainly gyrated with the boom-burst cycles of the oil ndustry. Government expenditure outlays that are dependent on oil revenues have more or less dictated the pace of growth of the economy. Looking back, it is clear that the economy has not actually performed to its full potential particularly in the face of its rising population. 1 In general, economic growth and population growth rates are very close that the margin cannot induce the required structural transformation and economic diversification. The Nigerian economy has grossly underperformed relative to her enormous resource endowment and her peer nations. It has the 6th largest gas reserves and the 8th largest crude oil reserves in the world. It is endowed in commercial quantities with about 37 solid mineral types and has a population of over 150 million persons. Yet economic performance has been rather weak and does not reflect these endowments. Compared with the emerging Asian these countries have countries, notably, Thailand, Malaysia , China, India and Indonesia that were far behind Nigeria in terms of GDP per capita in 1970, transformed their economies and are not only miles ahead of Nigeria, but are also major players on the global economic arena. Indeed, Nigeria’s poor economic performance, particularly in the last forty years, is better illustrated when compared with China which now occupies an enviable position as the second largest economy in the world. In 1970, while Nigeria had a GDP per capita of US$233. 35 and was ranked 88th in the world, China was ranked 114th with a GDP per capita of US$111. 82. The major factors accounting for the relative decline of the country’s economic fortunes are easily identifiable as political instability, lack of focused and visionary leadership, economic mismanagement and corruption. Prolonged period of military rule stifled economic and social progress, particularly in the three decades of 1970s to 1990s. During these years, resources were plundered, social values were debased, and unemployment rose astronomically with concomitant increase in crime rate. Living standards fell so low, to the extent that some of the best brains with the requisite skills to drive the developmental process left in droves to other nations, and are now making substantial contributions to the economic success of their host countries. 2 However, since 1999, the country returned to the path of civil democratic governance and has sustained uninterrupted democratic rule for a period of 11 years. This in itself is a great achievement and gives reason for hope in a country that has been burdened with almost three decades of military rule. It has provided an opportunity to arrest the decline of the past and provide the launch pad for the take-off into an era of sustainable and all-round economic development. The successive civilian administrations since 1999 have committed to tackling the daunting challenges. Economic growth has risen substantially, with annual average of 7. 4 per cent in the last decade. But the growth has not been inclusive, broad-based and transformational. Agriculture and services have been the main drivers of growth. The implication of this trend is that economic growth in Nigeria has not resulted in the desired structural changes that would make manufacturing the engine of growth, create employment, promote technological development and induce poverty alleviation. Available data has put the national poverty level at 54. per cent. Similarly, there has been rising unemployment with the current level put at 19. 7 per cent by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Furthermore, the country lags behind her peers in most human development indicators. For example, while China and Thailand are on the 5th and 22nd positions, respectively, on the 2009 Global Hunger Index, Nigeria was ranked 46th. This can be traced largely to the huge infrastructure deficit, rising insecurit y, mass corruption and widespread poverty. 1. 2 Problem Statement In the light of the poor performance of the economy since independence despite the huge mineral, material and human endowment, as well as the accelerating dynamics of the global economy, what are the prospects of the economy in the short-to-medium term? In other words, can the Nigerian economy move from the historical sluggish growth trends to a vibrant growth 3 path that can transform the structure of the economy and enable her to attainment the vision enunciated under Vision 20:2020 and launch her into the league of advanced economies? Objectives and Structure of the Paper This lecture, therefore, seeks to examine the growth prospects for the Nigerian economy in the short-to-medium-term perspective, in the light of its relatively poor economic performance since independence and her abundant natural and human resources. Following this introduction, section 2 shares some thoughts on economic development, while section 3 reviews the Nigerian economy in perspective, through policy regimes to the nature and structure of the economy and performance trends.